A Couple of Changes Made to the Sword of Heroes.

If you followed my post on rpgrevolution.com, then you know what I'm on about.

I've made some changes on the characters:
Davo Reed
Stefie Love
Catelyn Dale
Clairy Blade
Jame Empire
Jon Coler

Every character's name is still the same, but the images have changed.

Catelyn is now a japanese schoolgirl who study's the Japanese Arts of Magic and her new class
is called schoolgirl, that can be a class.

Jon Coler has been given a new class, which is called Elementalist - his hands are his weapons.

I've made a new map which is going to be a japanese village, I made it for espicially catelyn.

There are the changes and expect some new screenies with the new characters in action and the
japanese village as well.